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Grits and Scrambled Eggs inspired by JUST RIGHT JILLIAN by Nicole D. Collier

Ms. Sandy’s grits (salty, buttery, and thick), eggs scrambled with cheese and chorizo, and apple slices with peanut butter (Jillian’s favorite).

There is so much to love about this middle grade novel—a story about a girl learning to come out of her shell. It’s also about intergenerational…

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Sandwiches inspired by DARK WATERS by Katherine Arden

Egg salad / ham and Swiss / peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


Egg Salad Sandwich: 2 hard boiled eggs (chopped) + 1 tsp mayonnaise + 1 pickle (chopped in small pieces) + pepper. Place mixture on 1 slice of bread and cover with another one.

Ham and Swiss: Slice piece of fresh baguette in…

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Roast beef and vegetables inspired by THE COLLECTORS by Lorien Lawrence

Roast beef, glazed carrots, and green beans

"Together we layer on piles of roast beef and glazed carrots, Grandma's famous green beans, and of course, the salted honey buns."


Roast beef recipe:


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Chocolate Coca-Cola cake and orange chicken inspired by HIDE AND SEEKER by Daka Hermon

Chocolate Coca-Cola cake and orange chicken from HIDE AND SEEKER by Daka Hermon 

Chocolate Coca-Cola recipe: Mix the content of 1 box of chocolate cake mix and add the number of eggs as directed. But substitute the water and half the oil with cola soda. Cook according to directions on box (you …

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Grilled cheese/pickle sandwich inspired by THE COLLECTORS by Lorien Lawrence

Gruyère and pickled pepperoncini sandwich and chocolate glazed donuts (cakes) inspired by THE COLLECTORS by Lorien Lawrence. A delightfully spooky middle grade novel.

“I pick at my cheese-and-pickle sandwich, barely eating as I listen.” // “We brought bottles of homemade iced tea and chocolate g…

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Funnel Cakes from The Circus at the End of the Sea by Lori R. Snyder

Funnel cakes with raspberry jam from The Circus at the End of the Sea, a fantasy middle grade novel by Lori Snyder.

“Breakfast? Funnel cakes with raspberry jam. It’s Il Circo specialty!” (The Circus at the End of the Sea, chapter16).

Whisk together 2 eggs + ½ cup milk + 2 tbsp water …

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Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese & Chocolate Rugelach from The Magical Imperfect

A story about family traditions/rituals, earthquakes (real and emotional), friendships, and baseball.

"Mr. Cohen puts his towel over his shoulders, smiles, and hands me a chocolate rugelach on a napkin, and I sit."

"At the apartment we eat bagels with lox and cream cheese."


Chocolate …

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A Meal from LOOT by Jude Watson (Middle Grade Fiction)

A Meal from LOOT  by Jude Watson (Middle Grade Fiction)

“March thought of the many things his father loved and would never eat again. Pommes frites and herring sandwiches and American potato chips and licorice.”  LOOT by Jude Watson. (Scholastic Inc. - Paperback p.12)

The st…

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A meal from Bunnicula


 A meal from Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe (Fiction, grade 2-5)

“I got a good look at the tomato. There were suspicious marks on the skin. […] I believe they’re teeth marks. […] “The Mark of the Vampire!” / “There must be something wrong with our refrigerator. That’s it. I…

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Rutabaga Soup from BLACK RADISHES

Rutabaga Soup from BLACK RADISHES by Susan Lynn Meyer 

“There’s just no food here,” she said. “How am I supposed to make a meal with yesterday’s bread and rutabagas? […]” (p.96) Gustave bit into his stale bread, imagining how much better it would taste with creamy butter and the…

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The Deadliest Cook in America's Ice Cream with Peaches (Non-fiction)

Handmade ice cream from TERRIBLE TYPHOID MARY: a True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America by Susan Campbell Bartoletti.

“The new cook had made a special dessert — homemade ice cream with fresh cut-up peaches.” (Hardcover p.32) “By 1900 scientists had found a small percentage of people who…

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A meal from THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman

Beetroot-barley-stew-soup and onion-beetroot-tomato salad from THE GRAVEYARD BOOK  by Neil Gaiman.

The story: the childhood of a boy raised by the ghosts of an old graveyard.

 “She had put two plastic containers on the tabletop, and opened the lids. She pointed to the first. “It’s …

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