Meals and recipes right out of the pages of books

Grilled cheese/pickle sandwich inspired by THE COLLECTORS by Lorien Lawrence

Gruyère and pickled pepperoncini sandwich and chocolate glazed donuts (cakes) inspired by THE COLLECTORS by Lorien Lawrence. A delightfully spooky middle grade novel.

“I pick at my cheese-and-pickle sandwich, barely eating as I listen.” // “We brought bottles of homemade iced tea and chocolate glazed donuts from the bakery—the kind Dad always used to buy me."// “Mint for clarity. Rosemary for concentration. Chamomille and lavender for calming.  […] when everything is mixed, we pack the tea in the steeper […].”

The Collectors follows 7th graders Quinn and Mike in another paranormal adventure on Goodie Lane. What I love about Lorien Lawrence's books is that they combine a great mystery, a wonderful friendship, a relatable middle schooler life, the protagonist's healthy relationship with adults in her life (mother/grandmother), and nice character development. All in a delightfully spooky package.


[recipes to come]

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