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Funnel Cakes from The Circus at the End of the Sea by Lori R. Snyder

Funnel cakes with raspberry jam from The Circus at the End of the Sea, a fantasy middle grade novel by Lori Snyder.

“Breakfast? Funnel cakes with raspberry jam. It’s Il Circo specialty!” (The Circus at the End of the Sea, chapter16).

Whisk together 2 eggs + ½ cup milk + 2 tbsp water + 1 tsp vanilla extract. Mix in 1 cup of flour + ½ cup granulated sugar + 1 ½ tsp baking powder + 1 pinch salt until well combined (smooth). In a deep pan or saucepan, heat oil until it reaches about 375/400°F (medium to medium-high heat). Pour batter in oil in a thin line (like a scribble), making sure not to overlap dough too much (or it won’t cook throughout). Fry until golden (about 5-10 seconds on each side). Serve warm with your choice of toppings (raspberry jam, powdered sugar, fresh fruits, etc…)

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